Emergency LubRication systems

Solutions for Loss of Lubrication (LoL) events in turboshaft engines

The Problem

Make your Engine and Vehicle Zulu Safe™ with Zulu Pods™ Lubrication Systems

The current turboshaft engine requirement is for 6 minutes of operations in loss of lubrication (LoL) conditions – with the new objective extending loss of lubrication operational capabilities to beyond 20 minutes. 

Traditional systems used today impose undesired weight increases which reduce aircraft payload and range. Additionally, these systems must have the ability to fit within the existing engine envelope. 

During loss of lubrication events, multiple engine parameters are affected, including gearbox temperature, engine temperature, and oil pressure. 

Protect against loss of lubrication events in primary lubrication system

Our solution

Application Benefits

Safeguard human life and critical assets during a loss of lubrication event with the Zulu Pod emergency lubrication system

Zulu Pods’ patented self-contained oil delivery system generates its own pressure supply independent of a pump – capable of being strategically placed in and around mechanical systems to provide the optimal amount of lubrication during a loss of lubrication event. 

Watch the video below to visualize our system in a helicopter gearbox compartment. 

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Primary Lubrication Systems

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