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The zulu pod

Light weight and small form factor

The world's first decentralized lubrication system for limited life applications

Combining the function of a reservoir, pump, and nozzle into a single self-contained Zulu POD (Packaged Oil Delivery) system. 

The Zulu Pod is lighter, placed right in the working zone of the engine bearing or gear compartment, and meters the exact amount of lubrication for optimal performance. 

A new breakthrough in lubrication delivery engineered to radically simplify limited life engine architecture.

Pressure mechanisms include mechanical spring, inert gas, or deformable membrane
FeaturesZulu Pod SystemTraditional Oil SystemFuel / Lube System
Custom FormulationsYesNoNo
Storage Life10+ years*Around 1 yearAround 1 year
Power SourceSelf Contained & EnergizedPump & ReservoirPump & Reservoir
ActivationSelf-ActivatedSystem DependentSystem Dependent

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