Daniella Sladen

Daniella Sladen

In 2020, Daniella Sladen had an “aha” moment that would transform the future of aerospace engineering. “Why are we using the same lubrication system design for a fifteen-minute mission and a fifteen-thousand-minute mission?” she thought. And the rest is history. 

When Daniella Sladen co-founded Zulu Pods with her husband Rob, she decided to build a company to revolutionize aerospace engineering and build a culture that was inclusive and family-friendly in hopes of transforming the industry entirely. 

As one of few Latina women in the aerospace engineering field, Daniella knew changes in the industry would only happen if she initiated them herself. Her deep appreciation for diversity is reflected today in an accepting company culture she fosters that embraces people from different backgrounds and supports new mothers in the workplace—a theme of critical importance to her.

As the company's Co-Founder and CTO, Daniella comes to Zulu Pods with cross-functional experience in structures, thermals, and design engineering. With expertise in the gas turbine engine field, she has worked on the design of bearing compartments and external lubrication systems of various advanced military engines. Her superpower? Radical creativity in solving problems that others may not have even known were there.

Daniella earned a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Central Florida. Before the inception of Zulu Pods, Daniella worked at a leading American aerospace manufacturer.